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    Donegal Youth Service are a proud Youth Network for Peace Partner

    The Youth Network for Peace is a youth led regional project which will involve 10,000 young people to connect in a range of participative social action projects on a cross community and cross border basis. Core to this dynamic Youth Network for Peace will be an online radio station and social media channel which will be run by young people. This channel will have unique and informative content each week that will highlight young people’s issues and aspirations.

    This will be broadcast by a team of young volunteers aged 14-25yrs that will be trained in broadcasting skills and have specific roles to ensure the radio station functions effectively. The project is overseen by a 25 member Youth Steering Body and 13 cross border youth work partners. The potential of this project is far-reaching and will further nurture youth democracy and showcase young people as assets now and for the future.

    You can watch the steering group video about this exciting project on Vimeo.

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