The Team

Claire Bradley

Youth Worker

Claire is a Youth Worker with the Daybreak Youth Project which supports Young People aged 12-16 years who are experiencing difficulty in School or who have left School early. Claire has a long history of volunteering with her local youth club and commenced her employment with Donegal Youth Service in 2010 where she also embarked on professional youth work training.

Billy Banda

CE Assistant Youth Information Officer

Billy is based with the YIC.  His duties include information provision and supervision of young people.  He also is involved in the Youth Diversity Group

Michelle Wylam

Youth Employability Worker

Michelle joined Donegal Youth Service in 2014.  Her background is in Psychology, and she has obtained a Masters Degree in Applied Mental Health.  She works with the Daybreak and Reactiv8 programmes as a Youth Employability Worker.

Katarzyna (Kasia) Kurzeja

Youth Information Officer

Kasia joined the YIC team in 2015.  She has a background in international business, languages, health and motivation.  Since January 2017 she has been working in the YIC as the Youth Information Officer.