Young Carers Group

    The Donegal Youth Service’s Young Carers’ Group was set up in
    February 2015 to provide information, news unnamedand events for, and about, young carers living in Co Donegal.

    Since then the group has been busy. They have taken part in team building activities, art workshops, mindfulness, and even a trip to an international football match.

    The group also worked with members of the Donegal Youth Council to make a film about young carers in Co Donegal.
    The below video is a brief snapshot of what the Young Carers Group is and what they do.

    The launch was held in June to coincide with National Carers week and our youth worker was invited to present at a the National Children & Young People’s Services Committees Conference in Dublin.



    Are you A Young Carer?unnamed

    Do you take on responsibilities at home because someone in your family has a disability, is ill for a long time, misuses drugs & alcohol or experiences mental health problems?

    Do you feel you miss out on things after school and in your free time because you have to help out at home?

    Do you worry about things at home when you are at school?

    If your answer to any of these questions is yes, you may be a young carer and we would like to hear from you.

    Please contact us on (074) 91 29630, or pop into Donegal Youth Service or email: