Are you interested in alternative ways to improve your education? Would you like the chance to take part in interesting and fun ways of learning new skills? Or are you having difficulty with your education? Are you struggling at school, would you like support to help you complete your formal education?

    Sex Health Awreness - 3Donegal Youth Service offers young people informal education which complements the formal education sector. Our courses offer a fun way of learning new skills and having new experiences that will look really good on your CV and help young people get involved in their community in a really positive way. Would you like to learn how to make a film or write a press release? Would you like to learn better presentation skills? Would you like to get involved in running a youth event in your area? Then why not see how you complement your education by getting involved in various training courses find out more in the Training Section.


    For more information on Training & Education at DYS, see out Training page