Training Programmes for Adults

    Accredited/Non Accredited

    Youth Leadership Training

    Course Description

    This course is accredited by the Open College Network NI at Level 2 with 3 credits and provides training in understanding leadership in the youth work context in including training in child protection and policy guidelines as well as an opportunity to practice skills in the field.

    Who is it for?

    Adult Volunteers and staff who wish to gain accreditation on their work in local youth units

    Course Outcomes

    To enable participants to programme plan, understand youth work definitions and methods, develop facilitation skills and to keep up to date with legislation and information around youth work


    The course is 20hrs tuition, 10hrs preparation and research and 20hrs club contact time.

    Child Protection

    Course Description

    Identifying Signs & Symptoms,

    Recording & Reporting,

    Recruitment Pathways,

    Codes of Behaviour.

    Who is it for: 

    Youth leaders & volunteers.

    Course Outcomes

    To enhance the quality of service in local youth units

    To provide a working knowledge of DYS policies regarding safety for

    staff, volunteers and young people

    To ensure compliance with good practice guidelines (Children First)

    To assist local youth clubs in compliance with future proofing of their organisations


    2 x 2hr or 1 x 4hr session


    Love Hurts Sexual Health Train the Trainer

    Course Description

    The Love Hurts training programme is a Donegal Youth Service ‘Train the Trainers’ programme designed to promote the provision of Sexual Health Awareness for young people accessing youth clubs and projects across Co. Donegal.

    Who is it for

    The course is for adults involved in Youth Clubs/Projects who have experience of facilitation processes and would like to further their skills into the field of Sexual Health Awarenes

    Course Outcomes

    The programme is designed to further the knowledge and skills of adults who are already working with young people and who have the interest and skills to deliver information sessions. The programme ensures that adults have the confidence and correct information to deliver Sexual Health Awareness, in turn ensuring that young people are gaining factual, positive information from a skilled facilitator.


    The programme runs from 10am until 4pm over two days