DSC_5750  Young People

    There are many ways young people can get involved with the DYS, just get in touch, tell us what you are interested in and come along and join in.



    The DYS has over 25 affiliated youth clubs around the county see where your local youth club is and opening times, activities in the Youth Club Section for age groups 6-25 years old.

    Although each club /project has different activities from sports, drama, music, afterschool clubs, summer programmes etc it’s a safe environment for you and your friends to take part in fun activities.

    The Youth Outreach Project provides support to the Youth Clubs, providing training to Young people and organising county games (sports), Y factor (entertainment, dance, etc), see the YOP page here.

    The Youth Information Centre/LOFT is drop-in service in Letterkenny providing information on employment, rights etc or just a place to drop in for a chat and hang out, the staff provide specialised course including media, training programmes, anti-bullying courses, intercultural, personal development, music, cooking, summer programmes, events, international exchanges etc services throughout the county (see YIC/LOFT).